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HALIDOM went into Shanghai International Refrigeration Exhibition for the first time and benefited a lot

Source: Release time:2015-08-24 686 browse

Shanghai international refrigeration exhibition ended at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 14, 2017, t

Shanghai international refrigeration exhibition ended at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 14, 2017, the exhibition exhibitors from 33 countries and regions, where all the well-known brand of global refrigeration and HVAC industry. Including domestic famous brand, sea Redmond as the only company in Zhenjiang exhibitors, fortunately in the E4 hall G31 booth to show my company two products: ultra low temperature air source heat pump, cryogenic energy tower heat pump unit.

The sea water and the energy tower Redmond air temperature difference in winter as for heat energy to the air, is at a low temperature (low temperature) heat absorbing device in the air absorption of heat in the environment. The system uses low freezing point antifreeze as a heat transfer medium to fully absorb low grade thermal energy in the air, to raise the temperature of the medium to the ambient temperature and to release heat in the heat exchange equipment. At the same time, the unit can also effectively take into account the recycling of waste heat in the refrigeration process, and make people's living hot water economically. This series of products is a new product for air conditioning and refrigeration industry Redmond sea industry development, innovation is the application of cooling tower on the basis of high-tech products is epoch-making, greatly enhance the production and quality of life.

The sea Redmond energy tower system is a system which based on energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon as the starting point, to provide efficient and stable cold source for the unit in the summer high temperature environment, can realize the high efficiency low energy conversion products with high energy products in the low temperature environment in winter, the heating economy and high efficiency. As one of the core components of the energy tower, by exploring the sea Redmond new energy limited company for many years, in research and development, production, installation and use of the accumulation of a number of core technologies of energy tower, and patented technology licensing. The sea Redmond tower adopts special packing and energy flow of flow passage design patent, the full uniform terrain into a turbulent regime film, and air contact fully absorb heat from low temperature heat. The sea energy tower adopts anti floating system Redmond patent design of SZ type, and the use of multi channel patent design, effectively reduce the loss of the liquid, the air distribution is more uniform, more fully heat.

This exhibition, not only promote our products, enhance the visibility of the sea Redmond, also let our staff to broaden their horizons and learn about the many outside the industry knowledge, to promote the role of future development. Redmond sea are all staff adhering to the "innovation, development, integrity, team" spirit of enterprise, and strive to become bigger and stronger, the central air-conditioning industry, to create and realize the grand goal of energy tower heat pump for pilot enterprises "and strive forward!