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Halidom welcomes everyone to buy energy tower,

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1. Energy tower heat pump system principleEnergy tower heat pump technology is the technology of heating, cooling and pr

1. Energy tower heat pump system principle

Energy tower heat pump technology is the technology of heating, cooling and providing hot water through the heat exchange of the energy tower and the heat pump unit. In winter it uses medium with low boiling point, efficient extraction of freezing water wet bulb heat. The input of a small amount of high-grade energy through the energy tower heat pump unit, realize the subfreezing heat transferred to the high places, for the summer heat; due to the special design of the energy tower, the efficiency of cooling tower, the heat is discharged to the atmosphere to realize refrigeration.

Energy tower heat pump air conditioning system suitable for winter climate, rainy weather conditions, air humidity, cold and wet area. As everyone knows, the traditional air-cooled heat pump in rainy weather, air humidity, cold and wet winter heating frost serious (i.e. wind and heat exchanger bad circulation heat), to defrost pump efficiency is low. But the energy tower in the cold and wet air humidity under the condition of frost problems, thus stable and efficient extraction of wet bulb water below the freezing point of the sensible heat (i.e. a virtuous cycle of heat of the wind and the water). Because of the energy tower heat exchange area is in accordance with the design heating load capacity, the relative ratio of air-cooled heat pump heat exchanger stable performance, coefficient of performance COP the whole winter unit can be varied from 3 to 3.5 range.

2. Characteristics of energy tower heat pump system

In winter, due to the full use of the climate and weather conditions of rainy, cold and wet, wet bulb temperature is high, the energy storage characteristics of large, low grade energy extraction tower performance is relatively stable. The coefficient of performance of air-cooled heat pump unit can be COP throughout the winter in 3 ~ 3.5 range change.

In summer, due to the energy extraction tower is in accordance with the winter sensible heat load capacity design, into the cooling tower after adequate heat exchange area can withstand peak air conditioning heat load, cooling water temperature is low, the heat transfer efficiency is the highest. The energy efficiency ratio of the unit can be varied within the range of 4.2 to 4.5, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Compared with the air-cooled heat pump unit, the energy efficiency can be saved by 25% to 30%, and the energy saving effect is similar to that of the ground source heat pump air conditioner. EER. The energy tower has low grade and can be limited by energy storage. It can provide enough hot water for the Gaestgiveriet Hotel

Efficient environmental protection

Because of the energy tower with a special structure design, extraction of low grade energy carrier circulation in winter, the effective use of the wet bulb temperature high storage of huge energy, eliminating the need for auxiliary heating is not sanitary and environmental pollution of boiler. In summer using conventional refrigeration, carrier circulation heat transfer area of high energy efficiency. Can also provide living hot water, one machine, three use. Improve equipment utilization, reduce initial investment, energy saving and environmental protection

High life temperature of heat pump unit

The use of heat pump units in winter months, is a small fluctuation of wet bulb temperature sensible heat, evaporation pressure stability and evaporation temperature are higher than the air-cooled heat pump, the unit has run a wider range than the air-cooled heat pump; cold source heat pump is used in summer, the evaporation potential of tropical air conditioning heat energy tower has to go, the evaporation area will be enough to withstand the peak heat load of air conditioning in the summer, the cooling water temperature is low, high efficiency. Compared with air cooling heat pump, the utility model has the advantages of small energy consumption, light wear and long service life.

Free from regional restrictions

As everyone knows the ground source heat pump energy saving and environmental protection, but can adapt to the restriction of geological conditions of GSHP, land shortage in many city, not a place to live in some places of GSHP; groundwater is not sufficient or not to use groundwater, so energy tower heat pump is the best choice.